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Monitoring Systems

Your PV system is unique and the system monitoring can be put together just the way you need it. The three different avilable basic scenarios are :

  • Simple amonitoring and control for home rooftop systems (Sunny Beam or Sunny Explorer software).
  • Modular system monitoring for commercial solar power systems (Sunny WebBox,Sunny Portal,Sunny SensorBox, Sunny Matrix and Flashview)
  • Reliable monitoring for solar power stations (Sunny WebBox, the Power reducer Box and the SMA OPC server)

Sunny Beam with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The all in one service package for the home

Click here to download the technical specification sheet.

Sunny Web Box

Remote monitoring and remote maintenance of large solar plants

Inverter communication RS485 / Bluetooth tecnology

Click here to download the technical specification sheet.

Sunny Portal

Professional management, monitoring and presentation of PV systems

Pre configured pages can be easily customized or supplemented with individually designed pages.

Sunny Portal website

Sunny Sensor Box

The weather station for PV plants

The Sunny SensorBox is installed directly onto the modules and measures the sun radiation and the temperature. In combination with Sunny WebBox and Sunny Portal, it provides a continuous target-actual comparison of plant performance.

This makes it possible to detect shade, dirt, and gradually declining performance in a generator and thus maximizes yield security.

Click here to download the technical data.

Sunny Matrix

Attractive large-scale display

The sunny Matrix visualize ield, performance and CO2 reduction of PV systems in large, luminous figures. The Sunny Matrix derives the display data from the Sunny WebBox via the Ethernet interface : eigther through the local network or via the internet - from any location in the world.

Click here to download the technical data.


Professional plant presentation free of charge

Flashview presents solar plants on an ordinary display attached to a PC. Different display views either switch automatically or can manually selected by the viewer.

Flash view queries the plant dat from Sunny WebBox via an existing network connection - optionally via the internet from any location in the world.

Power Reducer Box

Feed-in management for large-scale PV plants

With thePower Reducer Box, you deliver a solution for large PV plants that must take part in feed-in management: it allows the grid operator to control the plant performance remotely. It achieves this by translating the setpoint values transmitted via radio ripple control receiver intocontrol commands for the Sunny WebBox, which forwards them to the inverters.


The standardized data interface for large-scale systems

Particularly for large plants and PV power stations, customized monitoring solutions are needed to link systems and components supplied by different manufacturers into one joint control system. With the OPC server, SMA devices can be very easily integrated into OPC-compatible systems.

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