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We offer the following services:

·          On site visit (free of charge)

·          Inspection (free of charge)

·          Report with recommendations (optional)

·          Insurance & Finance recommendations (optional)

·          Maintenance Services (optional)

·          Technical system design

·          Solar Panel Installation

Other Services :

-          Consultancy

-          Construction Design services

-          Construction Supervision

-          Electrical installations

-          Maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical and electronic installations

-          ICT(Information-Communication-Technology)

On site visit

In consultation with you, we will collect information on what the expectations and wishes are for a solar panel installation. With the availability of energy usage of your previous year, the present estimation can be calculated.

During our visit we will explain the advantages and disadvantages about the use of solar energy will be discussed during the visit; questions will be answered to clarify uncertainties of the installation.


After consultation with the client, an inspection of the house will take place throughout the house and the roof. Technical data will be gathered using a checklist to determine if the installation can be realized.

Inspection report

To determine how many solar panels can be placed on the roof, we will examine how much energy is consumed throughout the house and the future estimation costs. The return of investment will be calculated and the conclusions and reccomendations will be explained in the report.

Insurance & Finance recommendations

Maintenance Services

Wernet Solar Solution & Engineering offers a maintanance package that consists of :

  1. Regular inspection of the installation;
  2. Ensuring that all fixtures are securely tightened and corrosion-free;
  3. Ensuring that wiring is securaly connected, properly arranged and free of corrosion;
  4. Ensuring that cables are free of damage;
  5. Cleaning of the solar panel installation to remove dirt or dust to maintain a high yield performance ;

Solar Solution & Engineering will charge for the maintanance package with a quarterly fee.

The installation will be inspected and cleaned every three months (four times a year).

Technical system design

Our team of engineers are able to design electrical, mechanical and construction drawings of the installation which complies with the NEN and EU standards for solar panel installations.

Solar Panel Installation

The Solar Panel installation will take place when the last inspection is done by our team of engineers. You have to make sure that you have permission to install solar panels on your roof. For this you will have to make an appointment with the Electrical Distributor Company.  

When we make the installation we will make sure that it takes place safe for the installers and therefore a date for installation can be cancelled if for example it is a rainy day.Hoe kom ik aan e

When the installation is completed, the last inspection will be inspected by DTI before you can start producing electricity with your solar panel installation.

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