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Sun Carport

WSS & Engineering is introducing the Sun Carport for your home garage or for your business parking space.

The SunCarport from SolarWorld combines a traditional carport with a high-performance solar energy roof. With the SunCarport, you have a solar power station right in front of your house.

One product, many advantages: The electricity fed into the grid ensures that you receive compensation for the electricity you supply and, at the same time, the SunCarport protects your car from weather conditions and can also act as a charging station for your electric or hybrid vehicle.

Double the energy: With the SunCarport, you have another surface at your disposal – in addition to the roof of your house – for a high-performance solar power system.

Flexible Solution

The SunCarport® is available in SunCarport® blue and SunCarport® black in either a longitudinal or cross version, and as a double carport.

This allows an ideal adaptation to the irradiation and structural conditions on site.

By choosing the SunCarport®, you choose a product with many advantages:

  • Traditional carport
  • Solar energy roof of SolarWorld quality
  • High-quality design
  • Clean power for any use

Solarworld Sun Carport

Sun Carports

Number of Modules



2,16 kWp - 2,5 kWp




2,5 kWp - 2,8 kWp



3,7 kWp - 4,1 kWp


This Sun Carport (Double) consists of 15 Solar Panels of 240 Wp which has a total power of 3600 Watt Piek (3,6 kWp). Larger systems are available now with more efficient solar panels and with more production.

There is enough space to park two cars.

This Sun Carport of 3,6 kWp produces an avaerage of 550 kWh/month.

Contact Wernet Solar Solution for more information

5936501 or 7496758

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